A little piece of heaven called Mama Earth

I recently discovered that fruits and vegetables can be delivered to my doorstep! Not that I don’t like grocery shopping but it helps me plan my meals and use exactly what I order. There is so much less waste!!


Has anyone ever seen swiss chard that big??? Neither have I! It was deliciously steamed and then stir-fried with garlic!

So every Friday I get this beautiful basket filled with an abundance of the freshest fruits and vegetables…oh, and did I mention it’s all organic and helps support some of our local farmers!! How great is that?!?!?


mmmm… all the beautiful aromas of freshness!!  For anyone in the Toronto, Ontario (Canada) area interested in checking out this service, they are called Mama Earth Organics! I almost forgot to mention how wonderful the people are!!

Happy now!!!

So so happy to be doing LAUNDRY?!?!

Exactly 5 days ago, my washing machine STOPPED working!!!

I wash clothes, on average, everyday; at least twice a day!!! Having my washing machine break down was indeed a catastrophic event!! I was worried we’d have to buy a new machine!

Before we rushed out to do that, we thought we would give a plumber a try! By this time, I am about 10 loads of laundry behind! (YIKES!!)

A very gentle man came to my home, inspected and analyzed the situation and proceeded to take apart the machine! One of the major pipes that runs through the machine and makes its way to the bottom has a u-shaped pipe that is attached to the main pipe that leads out of the machine to drain the water. This wonderful plumber detaches this u-shaped pipe and do you know what he found?!?!

A SOCK!!! How on earth does a sock get stuck in a pipe that runs through a washing machine outside the main drum!

Once the pieces were all put back together and a cycle was run, you cannot imagine the JOY I felt at the thought that the following morning I would once again be able to tame the wild beast that I call laundry!

PS. 4 loads down, about 6 more to go!! YAY!!

Superbowl XLVIII or 48!

We wait a whole year to enjoy 4 hours of excitement, agony, and the thrill of victory for the winning team! We get together with friends and hound down chicken wings and fries and exchange healthy competitive arguments for or against our chosen favourite. Can you believe there are already 48 Superbowl games that have been played? No, me neither!  So who thought of making all the numbers for Superbowl games into roman numerals? Roman numerals were a numerical system used in Ancient Rome! That was thousands of years ago!! Hello??? Who even remembers if the L comes before or after an X or vice versa and when do you use an M??? No more about roman numerals; here’s a joke: What’s the best sports event to bring a spoon, milk and Cheerios to? SUPER-BOWL of course! HaHaHa! LOL!! OK OK So what does all this have to do with being happy?  Everything! Being together enjoying a good old football game! Enough said…  Enjoy the game and of course, the half-time show!!

Happy and Laughing

Happy and laughing is a catch-phrase that we have had in our family since forever!  What it really means is are you happy today? Were you laughing today? What made you feel tickled pink? In essence, this blog is about finding the little things in life that bring joy to our every day!

For some, winter can be dreary and cold but for me, it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is filled with magic and beauty! When I see this, I think of snowmen, jack frost and snow angels and at the end of the day when I come in, I cozy up next to the fireplace with a cup of tea and smile… What a perfect day!

I can hardly wait to see what beautiful surprise I will find tomorrow…

 Walking in a Winter Wonderland