So so happy to be doing LAUNDRY?!?!

Exactly 5 days ago, my washing machine STOPPED working!!!

I wash clothes, on average, everyday; at least twice a day!!! Having my washing machine break down was indeed a catastrophic event!! I was worried we’d have to buy a new machine!

Before we rushed out to do that, we thought we would give a plumber a try! By this time, I am about 10 loads of laundry behind! (YIKES!!)

A very gentle man came to my home, inspected and analyzed the situation and proceeded to take apart the machine! One of the major pipes that runs through the machine and makes its way to the bottom has a u-shaped pipe that is attached to the main pipe that leads out of the machine to drain the water. This wonderful plumber detaches this u-shaped pipe and do you know what he found?!?!

A SOCK!!! How on earth does a sock get stuck in a pipe that runs through a washing machine outside the main drum!

Once the pieces were all put back together and a cycle was run, you cannot imagine the JOY I felt at the thought that the following morning I would once again be able to tame the wild beast that I call laundry!

PS. 4 loads down, about 6 more to go!! YAY!!

2 thoughts on “So so happy to be doing LAUNDRY?!?!”

  1. Socks have a way of ending up in the weirdest places! Glad you guys had the foresight to call a plumber before spending hundreds of dollars on a new machine. Really, you wash twice a day?? Large family or do you just like the sound of the washer? (I love hearing the washer run and when I’m washing I turn off everything in the house so I can hear it swishing. Same with the dishwasher. Makes me feel peaceful…)

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