I recently discovered that fruits and vegetables can be delivered to my doorstep! Not that I don’t like grocery shopping but it helps me plan my meals and use exactly what I order. There is so much less waste!!


Has anyone ever seen swiss chard that big??? Neither have I! It was deliciously steamed and then stir-fried with garlic!

So every Friday I get this beautiful basket filled with an abundance of the freshest fruits and vegetables…oh, and did I mention it’s all organic and helps support some of our local farmers!! How great is that?!?!?


mmmm… all the beautiful aromas of freshness!!  For anyone in the Toronto, Ontario (Canada) area interested in checking out this service, they are called Mama Earth Organics! I almost forgot to mention how wonderful the people are!!

Happy now!!!

About the Author Irene Savakis

I am a fun-loving mama of 4 amazing kidlets and I am on a mission to find something that makes me happy or brings me joy every day and to share that with you! Incidentally, the title of the blog came from my oldest daughter when she was almost 3. It had been many sleepless nights and 3 out of 4 in diapers was taking its toll. She cradled my face in her little hands and asked: “Mamma, are you happy and laughing?”. Needless to say, that expression has stuck and we still use it today, over 10 years later. On a personal note, I love to write, paint and scrapbook…I love being creative. It is the one place where I can journey into myself and find peace in my world. I come back rejuvenated. Incidentally, Irene is of Greek origin meaning peace…funny, I am most happy when I have peace in my heart and all around me. Thanks for stopping by…


  1. Gorgeous vegetables! I wish we had this service in Texas! I’m from Niagara Falls (NY side) and one of the things I miss most is all of the fresh vegetable and fruit stands along the roads and highways! They were always so plentiful! I hardly ever see them here in Texas. Although we do have some really decent Farmers Markets. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures! Makes me look forward to the spring and summer crops this year!

    1. Hi Michele! Thanks for stopping by! Actually there is something like this in Texas. I discovered fully raw kristina who runs the biggest fully raw co-op in Texas and wished there was something here like that! Next thing I know, I get a flyer in my mailbox!! I love it when things come together like that, don’t you?
      Visit http://www.rawfullyorganic. It is located in Houston. Hope she is close to where you live! Cheers! Irene

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