And sometimes not so happy and laughing


There are times in all our lives where we just have a miserable day! And perhaps a few miserable days…

Like most springs, I go on a detox for a few days and spring clean my body of all the mess I might have made during the past year.  This year was a bit different however since I recently found out that I am highly intolerant to wheat, eggs and dairy!  That left me with the daunting thought of what am I going to eat now?!?!  I had followed a mainly plant-based diet for the past year only to realize that it wasn’t the meat that upset me like I thought it might, it was the GLUTEN!! You can imagine the withdrawal I experienced over the past 2 weeks eliminating gluten and hidden sugars! I felt like an exhausted rag doll with the mother of all headaches AND the DIZZY SPELLS – I never want to feel that way again!!

One way I found to keep my mind off the fact that I felt like…”BEEP” is by art journaling!  I found lots of inspiration on Pinterest and started an art journal where I can lament when I don’t feel great or scream from the roof tops when I feel unstoppable!  I included a page from my journal of my resolutions and goals for the new year…even though it’s already March! Better late than never! That actually made me feel better!

If anyone else reading this post also art journals, I would love to see your work!


art journal goals 2014

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