There is nothing like hockey night in Canada on a Saturday night especially when two Canadian teams are playing! The anticipation of a great game, the camaraderie of everyone rooting for the same team, or the opposition in fans rooting for opposing teams!  But what really makes me proud is how Canadians come together and belt out the National Anthem for the whole world to hear!

Speaking of National Anthems, even during the Sochi 2014 Olympics, when the ladies’ and men’s hockey won gold,  there were so many Canadians singing the words to our National Anthem!! I couldn’t believe it! In all the years that I have watched the Olympics, I have never heard any country sing their Anthem so clearly and so loudly for the whole world to hear.  What can I say, I am so very proud to be Canadian! Check out the link below!

PS.  If I am wrong and somehow missed another country singing their Anthem as passionately, please let me know!

About the Author Irene Savakis

I am a fun-loving mama of 4 amazing kidlets and I am on a mission to find something that makes me happy or brings me joy every day and to share that with you! Incidentally, the title of the blog came from my oldest daughter when she was almost 3. It had been many sleepless nights and 3 out of 4 in diapers was taking its toll. She cradled my face in her little hands and asked: “Mamma, are you happy and laughing?”. Needless to say, that expression has stuck and we still use it today, over 10 years later. On a personal note, I love to write, paint and scrapbook…I love being creative. It is the one place where I can journey into myself and find peace in my world. I come back rejuvenated. Incidentally, Irene is of Greek origin meaning peace…funny, I am most happy when I have peace in my heart and all around me. Thanks for stopping by…

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