Where have I been?!?!

Hello there!  I have dropped from the face of the earth to seriously pursue my writing career! Kind of juxtaposed considering that’s what a blog is for: WRITING!! So let me rephrase that!! I have dropped from the face of the earth to focus on completing the first draft of my first novel! It’s been a busy year trying to spend quality time at my craft and I am very happy with the results!! I am currently writing a novel about my grandmother’s life and her experiences during Nazi occupied Athens and how they survived hiding Greek Jews in a tiny crawl space.  It’s not the first story about these times and I am sure it will not be the last; this is just another perspective…A love story in fact! A love for her soul mate, a love for people and a love for her country! I am happily dancing around holding my first draft in my hands!! Perhaps I will include a small excerpt in upcoming weeks! Progress is good!