Alarm clock goes off and up I go.  Lunches to make, kids to wake up, school forms to sign. Hustle and bustle to get the kids off to school. I close the door, make myself a cup of green tea and sit back and take my first deep breath of the day! It’s Friday and the weekend is all mine!  I’ve made plans to go up north.  Quiet. Stillness. Peace.  A place to think and be able to hear my thoughts speak back to me.  Walks in the woods.  The wind blowing gently telling me to calm down from the scurry of the week. Time to take a step back and look at myself from the outside in.  What thoughts are meant to come out? What advice do I need to hear from nature. Mother Earth has so much to share.  Sometimes I am ready to receive her guidance sometimes I want to wallow in my sadness.  What will it be this weekend?  I have been blessed with the gift of nature abound and ready to give me all.  As I drive on the highway toward the north, I notice I take my first deep breath and sigh with a peaceful sort of happy.  Yes! This weekend is much needed.  What do I need to hear? What advice do I need to be shown to me? I take a walk in the dark by the light of the moon that shines her light in front of me telling me that all will be known when the time is right and only a little at a time.  I go to bed and close my eyes, happy.


About the Author Irene Savakis

I am a fun-loving mama of 4 amazing kidlets and I am on a mission to find something that makes me happy or brings me joy every day and to share that with you! Incidentally, the title of the blog came from my oldest daughter when she was almost 3. It had been many sleepless nights and 3 out of 4 in diapers was taking its toll. She cradled my face in her little hands and asked: “Mamma, are you happy and laughing?”. Needless to say, that expression has stuck and we still use it today, over 10 years later. On a personal note, I love to write, paint and scrapbook…I love being creative. It is the one place where I can journey into myself and find peace in my world. I come back rejuvenated. Incidentally, Irene is of Greek origin meaning peace…funny, I am most happy when I have peace in my heart and all around me. Thanks for stopping by…

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