For Love of Country

Tomorrow is the first day of May!! For me and I’m sure for many others, this year has flown by.  Time passes so fast and yet other times it seems like minutes are dragging so slowly.

May is also our neighbour’s month to celebrate Memorial Day and remember our heroes, our veterans, and any and all loved ones who are deployed abroad.  In that spirit, I created a children’s book for them to engage with and attach photos and momentos as well as their thoughts that they can then send off to their deployed family and friends.

The book is currently sold on Amazon and I have included the link below for you.

Please have a look and if you’re called to purchase a copy or several copies for your local school or library, know that you will be contributing to children’s higher learning as 50% of my share of the royalties from the sale of every book will be donated to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. This fund was created to help children of post 9/11 veterans who died on active duty.  You can check out their website below: